Boscastle Festival 3rd - 4th October 2015

Emily Scott will be on stage at 'Boscastle Festival' on Saturday 3rd October at 10.30am.

I am so excited about being involved in this event.  Thank you for having me. Boscastle Festival is where I appeared on stage for the first time, this was a significant moment for me in my career. It will be my fifth demo here this year.  I always love the great atmosphere and support - it is such a wonderful community. 

Good food begins with good ingredients sourced from their seasonal best.  Seek out quality suppliers, a good way to learn about the food we are eating.

Fresh ripe, seasonal ingredients are the core of my cooking.  I am so lucky in Cornwall to have the most wonderful producers. Support your fishmonger, greengrocer, butcher and farmer's market. Connect with the seasons and amazing producers that work so hard to bring all the produce to our table. See you there. Xx