Late Summer


Summertime; up with the first rays of sun, time to relax, breezy days, balmy nights. A time for beautiful ingredients and keeping things simple. Eating outdoors under leafy trees sharing a table with family and friends. Joie de vie… Emily



To Share

Da bara bread, sea salt butter 3.50

Houmous, sesame, chilli, coriander, flatbread 4.50

Radishes, butter, seasalt 3


To begin

Mozzarella, beetroot, watermelon, salt, pepper pumpkin seeds 6.50

Duchy charcuterie, pickled vegetables 8.50

Baked figs, goat’s cheese, honey, thyme 7.50

Newlyn crab, gazpacho, tomato, red pepper, basil 9

Mussels, fennel, cider, dill 8


To follow

Summer risotto, broad beans, courgettes, chervil butter 13

St Tudy ale battered haddock, home cut rustic chips, petit pois 14.50

Pork belly, bok choi, charred spring onions, pineapple, sesame, five spiced sauce 17

Chargrilled courgettes, heritage tomatoes, aubergine puree, feta, tahini yoghurt dressing 13

Topside of roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, summer vegetables, gravy 14.50  

Fish stew, gurnard, mussels, haddock, prawn, saffron potatoes crouton, aioli 17


Sides 4

Rustic home cut chips, sea salt  

Cornish earlies, parsley butter

Padstow kitchen garden salad, mustard dressing 

Chargrilled courgettes 


Puddings 7.50

La tarte sablée aux reine claude, armandes, clotted cream

Apricot compote, vanilla seeded ice cream, biscotti 6

Panna cotta, blackberries, langue de chat

Gateau st vincent, pouring cream

British cheese, crackers, apple chutney 8


We create dishes to follow the season, gathering the finest ingredients and combine them simply and instinctively.Service not included and at your discretion.

Sample menu